Since 1946

Immersed in the greenery of the Turin province, on the slopes of Monviso, the SS23 is an ancient Napoleonic road which holds a deep meaning for us. It is where the history of the Raspini family in the production of cured meats began and the birthplace of our company, which is now a milestone in Piedmont.

Since then, our philosophy has expressed itself every day through the manual work of experts who confer new and distinctive attributes such as safety, freshness and quality to the craftsmanship.

Our strong connection with the territory and the food culture of Piedmont has made the innovation undertaken over recent years more solid and unique; today, we merge our expertise in the production of the typical products of our region with the most modern technologies for our cold cuts which, besides goodness, offer all the convenience and safety of products in trays.

Raspini’s Piedmont opens itself to all those insearch of an authentic taste experience combined with a special attention to convenience and ease of use.